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9 May , 2017

Baffled outfits cover photo for blog post Colored Suits

“When was the last time when you tried something new for the first time?”

The world is full of rules, trends and laws. If you do not want to be criticised and judged, stick to the norm, and you can get where everyone went. But if you want to go beyond any limit, you have to be radical. Being a creative person,  I always love to break the rules and to try something new all the time. That’s why I decided to delight your eyes with some of the coloured suits that I had this month.

  • Not in the mood for wearing a shirt, but you still need to be dressed smart? Why not trying a cashmere sweatshirt that will give you that comfortable and relaxed feeling? Combine some blue or green dark colours and, voila, you are ready for an evening day out.

Outfit details Blue suit

  • The golden/cream kind of coloured suit from Zara makes you feel out of the place in the most cases. But if you will travel around the Big Ben area you can be right on the point; coincidence or destiny? Who cares when you feel good in your skin?

Outfit details Gold suit

  • For a balanced, smart casual outfit, you can try some white sneakers paired with a dark green suit. Assorted with a white shirt and a little attention to details, you are ready for a casual office day.
    Next time when you want to surprise yourself and anyone else, add some colour to your outfit. Be crazy and have no mercy for the average standard.

4 Outfit details 7

Which one of the styles are your preferred ones? What other colours will be attractive to wear?

If you like what you see, and you think that this outfits can inspire someone that you care about, please share it. Make someone’s day!


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4 Responses

  1. Bron says:

    I love the gold! Would love to see the green paired with gold/mustard as well, a la pre-Oscars Eddy Redmayne

  2. Very sharp looking outfits. Love the green one the best!
    Also the background… so gorgeous! :)

  3. Chantal says:

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  4. Molly says:

    Deadly accurate answer. You’ve hit the buesllye!

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