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The world has plenty of great artists, smarter writers, wiser philosophers and more experienced business people. The rare thing about me is that each of those skills are part of the same one person.

Who is Julian Blau?

Hi, I am Julian Blau, an Amazon Best-Selling illustrator-author, self-taught multimedia artist and photographer with a lot of love for life. This means that I am passionate about fashion, interesting food, adventurous travel journeys and all those crazy little things that you want to enjoy in such a way that you can tell your grandchildren about.

Being  Photographer and admin for the fashion blog for almost three years, I get in love with the industry and straight after I finished the University in Animation and Game Design I choose to take it on my path and build a job instead of finding a job. After one year of intense work here we are, TheBaffledMan was born.

What is all about TheBaffledMan Project?Baffled meaning Who is Julian Blau?Why is important to dress well and care about your look?

Wishing and hoping to be featured on a front cover magazine at one point in my life? No! The life is too short to wait for that so I will create my own!

And this is how my journey started. Going through this life you will realise that having lots of one thing(money, love, time and fame) is not enough to be happy. A balanced life is the one who brings you joy and the true meaning of happiness. In time, I realised that to live that happy life there are few things where I have to work on, but 25 miles marathon starts with just 1 step and no matter if I don’t know how to do it if I want, I can learn anything.

The best description of that kind of lifestyle and for what you are going to find here is: “Dress like JFK, speak like Hemingway, work like Ralph Lauren and party like Gatsby!”Who is Julian Blau?

Work with me - Julian Blau - The Baffled Man

Free-Magazine The Baffled Man Blog & Vlog by Julian Blau

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