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13 Aug , 2016

If you love her, remember her with daily gestures, actions and words that would make her happy.

If you love each other, listen to her, even if you think it’s boring or full of nonsense. Try to understand her needs and feelings even if for you,  as a man you think that everything is childish. Respect her and try to make her happy with the small things for the good sick of the relationship. Compliment her, be grateful for the food that she prepared for you and for all the things that she is doing for you. Do not think that she is talking too much, she feels the need to be listened and express her opinion. Be a real man and explain to her when you think that she is confused. Do not wait for a certain occasion to make her happy. ( A little tip: Today, right now is a good moment!)

If you love her do not behave like she is not even around you. Woman through their nature are dependent after attention and are looking after that encouraging glances that make them feel beautiful, loved and safe. If you love her you are not going to use her as a household or sexual object. Make her feel that you want her, make her feel crazy after your kisses, after your unique hugs,  driving her crazy after your lips and arms. If you love her, remember her with daily gestures, actions and words that would make her happy.

How to love each other? Lessons for her and him.

If you love him don’t ask him to be as you want, don’t give him from your personality, don’t transform him into your product. Understand his weakness and appreciate all his efforts. Help him to understand what you like and try to create that compact connection that will last over the life storms. Don’t make him feel tired because of your personal frustrations and crazy moments. If you love him, support and help him to be the man that you need. That gentleman, elegant and powerful from which you want to be proud of, don’t reproach him the things that he doesn’t have and help him to develop those small little things that you will like to see in him.

If you love each other stop fighting for some unimportant problems and things that appear in your life. Be patient until you know each other, make that small compromises that will help your relation to last. If you love each other you will not even consider a sacrifice the small little things that you have to do in the favour of the other one.

Love means to be together forever in good or bad with its perfections and imperfections, with happiness and sadness, with abundance and missing but altogether shared in two…

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4 Responses

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow, I love the post. You are a real gentleman. I think that more people should think like this ox

    Nice post

  2. Connan says:

    Dear Julian, I have to say that you have right. It’s dammit hard to understand a woman and sometime even challenging but in the end if you find the right lady, all the effort is paying off.

    Great words

  3. Ana says:

    Such a lovely photo :X I love your stories, you are amazing

  4. Marye says:

    I love this post ox

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