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2 Apr , 2017

Don’t be afraid to mix things up by pairing a military-style jacket with a velvet skirt, vintage with modern, off-the-rack with couture, formal with casual.

Brown jacket and blue shirt, 3 Casual outfits to try in March

Dressing for the hot weather is no cakewalk. Dressing well for hot weather is downright difficult. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that prioritising both style and sweat-prevention is enough to bring any man to the brink during the warmer months; so it pays to swat up on the basics, those staples that can be mixed and matched to produce looks that are comfortable but still cut a handsome figure.

Here are 3 Casual outfits to try this month. Easily executed casual combinations you’ll want to add to your repertoire this season, whether you’re by the shore or hitting the city streets. 3 outfit squares brown jacket and blue tshirt 3 Casual outfits to try in March

The Statement Blazer

The statement blazer might divide opinion, but it will always finish an outfit. Take the classic white tee and dark jeans combo, for example. Alone, a solid (but forgettable) off-duty look. With a statement blazer, it becomes not only polished but memorable. And not all possess the subtlety of a foghorn, either. True, patterned options cater to the peacocks and provide impact everywhere from nights out to Christmas dos, but a not-so-traditional colourway or textured fabric can up the volume too. Just ensure your surrounding pieces are restrained to let the blazer speak for itself.3 Casual outfits to try in March 3 Casual outfits to try in March

The Slimline Bomber Jacket

From the skies above to the street style squad below, the bomber jacket won’t leave menswear’s radar. And the more we wear it, the harder brands work to make the bomber fit all occasions, even those that usually call for something smarter – good news if you prefer your smart-casual looks without rigid tailoring. 3 Casual outfits to try in March 3 Casual outfits to try in March

Sleeveless jeans jacket

High street favourite Zara has produced a wide range of denim jackets for this season, in a variety of cuts and colour ways. Coming in light and dark washes, this bleached-effect option is the epitome of spring/summer. Pair with black or white jeans and a plain T-shirt for an effortlessly cool warm-weather look.
3 Casual outfits to try in March 3 Casual outfits to try in March

What other casual outfit do you think that a man should wear in this season?

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