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21 Apr , 2017

You have, to be honest, and good if you want to receive sincerity. You have to be you.

Let’s make it clear if you want to achieve something great in this life you have to play after you own rules.

You have to understand some basic rules if you want to don’t be betrayed or destroyed. You have to sync with the period of time where you are living in and to do not be stacked in time hopping at a future that is not yours. You have, to be honest, and good if you want to receive sincerity. You have to be you.About love you don't shout, you demonstrate it

You do not plan on with who are you going to grow up.

True friends are tested by the time. Some are coming and some are going this is the law of the universe. Some of them will be there to teach you a lesson and some of them to make you happy. Same like in love, the one who will shout louder that they love you are the one who is leaving first. The one who will stay peaceful in your heart, that one you should love. In one day you will understand after relationships, disappointments and honest moments that next to you need to be someone who doesn’t expose their love like a library.

About love you don’t shout, you demonstrate it.

Just in that moment, you will make the difference between truth and false. Not through force and show effects. The truth will pop up in the moment when you will realise that you need that person when you are going to feel or not the love that you have for him. In life, you have to play well after your own rules if you want to achieve great things and you have to understand few basic rules. Friendship is not planned. About love, you do not shout. The truth is demonstrated.

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