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10 Mar , 2017

If you have her, you have her the way she is: with that sexy small freckles on her nose, with that small crazy scenes in the midnight, with that special walking style, sometimes up on some high hills. But with a smile full of sunshine after sunset with her soft body and her simple words: “I will be fine”

Some will say that women are more romantic.

Yes, I have seen that in all her gestures. I felt in every kiss that she give me in all that mornings when the smell of coffee was everywhere in the house and we couldn’t distance ourselves two steps forward. In the evening time, everything was squared in the intensity. The madness and darkness whispered each time: I love you more. And I loved her.

how to find your love soulmate

I said that I will never get scared if I will fall in love for real.

To forget everything about rules and superstition when I get in the bedroom. Sometimes I asked myself: who are we to fight against our love just because of what others think? And over and over, who are they? From the moment we are living the same universe, it’s so cold and strange to look at other universes, others worlds, other women, other stories. Because everything it was smelling like a perfume, her perfume. From the moment we are living the same universe, it’s strange to look at other women, other stories…

I started to live with the time and the time started to be the present.

Her present, my present. Are we going to have children’s together? Will they look like us? Are we going to travel all this world? It’s said that if some of the things you want to become true, you don’t have to think about them so much. Don’t think about the present, just live it! Love her as you know best. Live her smell , kisses and her world. Tomorrow you don’t know what is going to happen so give everything today.

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