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22 Aug , 2016

How to find a woman in which you will discover all the other women? A woman who gives you all the memories, even those that you could have had elsewhere. A woman who can cover all your desires, passions and preferences in women in general. That’s the woman that you should look for.

When you begin to admire a woman, you read her lips and eyes. When you start to respect a woman, you know the true charm of words. When you start to love a woman, you listen her heart speaking. You see her everywhere, understand her, live her with the intensity of a man. Amazed by her thoughts and beauty. You will discover in front of her what so few women have known: the man inside of you, the lover.

It’s really beautiful when I see an individual who is looking through thousands of people for their soul mate. To seek your woman, the sweet lovely eyes in an instant to lift your life upside down … it’s a destination for truth and happiness. Not all men succeed in a lifetime to find that person that would let go of everything for her. Or conversely, would do everything. If you find her, hold her next to you for a lifetime, and another. She’ll answer why you sometimes can’t sleep at night or you’re nervous when you see her upset. So do not stop looking everywhere, although most times she could be right next to you, looking for you with the same relish.

How to find the perfect woman?

A woman, especially being your lady, you do not choose her in the moment you believe it’s ideal or sought. You seek to collide with the vision from your head and the feelings in your heart. So choose a woman to remind you of all the women you have known or would you could have known her. A woman next to whom you will forget all the emotions that you’ve lived before and you could’ve lived after her. Conversely, it means you will only have her in your thoughts and your heart to admire, respect and love her.

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  1. Natalia says:

    Wow! This is the best Love story that I have read, feelings, touches and perfect words. I love it !

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  • After almost 1 year of absence from social media I am finally ready to get back in the game😎Stay tuned, awesome content is coming up soon🎉📽 @watercolourstyle
  • After almost 1 year of absence from social media I am finally ready to get back into the game😎Stay tuned, awesome content is coming up soon🎉📽 @_the.watercolour.style_

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