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24 Jul , 2017

Get ready to find yourself in the VIP room, celebrating life beyond queues!

Hello, dear Bafflereaders 😀 This year I’ve become a member of the World’s Finest Clubs network. Popping into my local club, restaurant or hotel twice a week or so. I frequently get compliments on things I’ve experienced there, and I usually get the now-predictable incredulous response, “Really? Did you get all of that just with the card? ” While it’s still definitely couture, one could argue that the brand has finally found its fashion footing.

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Today I will share with you two of my best experiences with the card and all the advantages that you can have if you join them too.

How to find the World’s Finest Clubs?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to get a reservation at the largest public roof terrace from London, MADISON CLUB terrace. Madison is situated on the top floor of One New Change. Overlooking the iconic dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, the panoramic views of historic London from Europe’s largest public roof terrace are just breathtaking.

From an early morning breakfast meeting to an informal lunch, Madison offers an elevated atmosphere for those who like a generous side order of history and culture with their daily paper, friends or colleagues.  And as night falls Madison’s low-lighting and superb skyline views are the perfect match for cracking cocktails, a buzzing dinner to the sounds of our in-house DJs on Thursdays-Saturdays.

The experience was unique. As soon as I arrived there, I didn’t have to wait at all. All the people were polite and made you feel welcome. A glass of champagne and watching the how the sun leaves the sky just to make space for the moon to take its place. I recomand you this place; you have to try this experience at least once in a life time.


Another advantage that I had by using this card is that they have partners almost in every corner of the globe. Last week I had some work to do in Romania and what to do on a Friday night? Staying in the capital, Bucharest, I just login into my Finest Clubs account to see what are the best place to go out around me. I’ve been amazed to find out that in Bucharest there are 4 of the most amazing clubs from Europe. Some will say that are better even the Ibiza ones, but I have to try on my one first before I can say that 😀

Fratelli story began 12 years ago, back in 2005, with a coffee shop that redefined Bucharest’s night life through its unique concept blending music, people and the magic of Fratelli. The idea of four friends, now owners of Fratelli Group, developed and, in time, it became a charming story of a 100% Romanian brand.

One of the best event venues in Bucharest, where the most fabulous parties take place, Fratelli club hosts live concerts and internationally known DJs from the best clubs in the world. The versatility of the space and capacity between 600 – 1,000 people makes this area perfect for simple events. 

One of the premises is designed as summer location, with a unique, vibrant touch, abundant playful lights, open space allowing the soft breeze and a cocoon lobby entrance, hosting the perfect summer weekend night parties, private or theme parties. International and Romanian well known DJs power up thrilling vibes, while our bartenders create unique shows during serving. It’s all about parties to the fullest!




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  • After almost 1 year of absence from social media I am finally ready to get back into the game😎Stay tuned, awesome content is coming up soon🎉📽 @_the.watercolour.style_
  • After almost 1 year of absence from social media I am finally ready to get back in the game😎Stay tuned, awesome content is coming up soon🎉📽 @watercolourstyle
  • After almost 1 year of absence from social media I am finally ready to get back into the game😎Stay tuned, awesome content is coming up soon🎉📽 @_the.watercolour.style_

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