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2 Jul , 2016

A simple woman wants to be loved. But a complicated woman never will not be content with just that, because it will always seek to have a man on her standards. How simple can be a woman that through definition is sophisticated? A woman can be so s

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20 Jun , 2016

 1.He opens the door It’s the cafe door, office or car or home door. No matter where he goes, he is the one who opens the door. That does not mean that she doesn’t have hands, but he is courteous. 2.He enters first in a public place If it


1 May , 2016

Who is Julian Blau? The world has plenty of great artists, smarter writers, wiser philosophers and more experienced business people. The rare thing about me is that each of those skills are part of the same one person. Hi, I am Julian Blau, an Ama


London, UK / 1 Apr , 2016

“Dressing well will not make you a better person but will show your life direction.” As a warrior who prepares his armour for the battle; the doctor who takes the right equipment before he is going into surgery, if you want to become a gre



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